Autoflowering cannabis varieties

Autoflowering strains and medical marijuana doctors in ct https://dr-weedy.com/connecticut/  are becoming more and more popular every year. They are especially relevant for beginners, as they are more unpretentious and easy to care for, as well as an outdoorsman in regions with a short summer season, as they have a fairly quick life cycle.

The main advantages of autoceutical cannabis varieties include:

Resistance to various diseases and forgiveness to the grower of some care mistakes.
Average plant growth, usually not exceeding 1.3-1.5 m, which allows you to grow even in the cramped conditions of urban apartments.
Fast vegetation and flowering.
Quicker (4-6 weeks) onset of harvests than photoperiodic cannabis varieties.
Indiscriminateness to the regime of day and night. Autoflowers are autoflowering so that they bloom automatically when the plant reaches a certain stage of maturity (the goal of the vega period).
Seemingly not a plant, it’s a godsend. Especially since every year the cidbanks offer more and more popular interesting varieties in autoflowering, and breeders have already practically eliminated such nuances as reduced “prudence” and low yields.

However, everything is not so unambiguous, and despite all the advantages, autoflowers are still urged to play by their rules. The strategy of “plant and forget” threatens to turn into problems at the stage of vegetation marijuana, which is already inexperience or carelessness faced by many growers.

Why autoflowering does not bloom: causes and mistakes
Many beginners and even some experienced marijuana connoisseurs face the problem that autoflowering cannabis does not bloom on its own, despite the fact that “according to the passport” it should bloom in 3-4 weeks without assistance. Actually, this is the main property that draws attention to autoflowers, and suddenly – time goes by, and stakes do not form. What could be the reason:

Poor seed genetics. Alas, such an unfortunate accident is also possible. The chances of success increase the purchase of seeds from a reliable seed bank, made in a trusted store. Don’t waste your money buying cannabis seeds from unverified sellers.
Unsuitable microclimate conditions. Autoflowers can tolerate low temperatures (up to 15°C), but prefer warmth (23 – 26°C). The optimal temperature when growing autoflowers is 24°C with slight variations. It is necessary to check how comfortable the temperature is for the plants.
Autics do not like overwatering. They are better suited to drought. However, you should not test the plants. The best way is to water in moderation as the soil dries out. This is easy to check – just dip your finger into the soil to a depth of 2-4 cm.
Improperly selected soil for marijuana. This cannabis does not like dense mixtures. The soil should be loose, fluffy, light, well-draining moisture.
Overfeeding. Autoflowers in general after planting can not feed for 2 weeks, and after adding mineral liquid fertilizers to the water for watering, and even then, only half the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.
Alkaline or acidic reaction of water that does not fit into the pH range of 6.0-7.5. Therefore, it is important not only to purify or settle the water for irrigation, but also to control the pH level, especially when growing on hydroponics.
Plant stress experienced. Autics, while resistant to disease, are hypersensitive to stressors. In turn, this is transplanting (they do not like this procedure at all, so the germinated seed is better to plant immediately in the main pot), as well as wind and light burns.
Tightness. Autoflowers are quite compact, however, the root system develops well and quickly. It is better under each autoflower at once to allocate a container with soil not less than 6-7 liters. This will help to avoid transplanting and stress.
Violation of the light regime of cannabis. The unpretentiousness of autoflowers does not mean permissiveness to the grower. Option 12/12 can delay the vega and delay the flowering, and 24/0 will accelerate the flowering and blooming, but will reduce the yield in the end, because during the growing season the plant has not yet had time to fully form and become stronger, and the buds will not be saturated with thick, fragrant resin.
How to help an autoflower to bloom in time
Immediately after germination, it is worth transplanting the sprout to a sufficient volume of soil, and no longer stress the plant.

The pH of the water in the root zone should be monitored regularly, as well as the temperature and blowing intensity – everything in moderation.

The most suitable mode for autoflowers is 20/4 during the vegetation period (before the pre-flowering – the appearance of tendrils and demonstration of sex by the plant). But for the flowering period it’s better to put the plant into 18/6 mode. This will help an awn to rest at night, gain strength, and form dense, strong colas. At the same time, unlike photics, autics do not require complete darkness.

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