Coffee-scented cannabis varieties

Marijuana is loved for its many different effects and flavour bouquets, which are due to the terpenes in its resin. And also for the opportunity to get missouri medical card https://dr-weedy.com/missouri/.

Among the great variety are varieties of cannabis with a coffee aroma which is quite atypical for marijuana and uniquely complex, because there is no specific “coffee” terp

FILE – In this June 26, 2015, file photo, different varieties of marijuana flowers are displayed at medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Ore. The American Medical Association agreed Monday, Nov. 16, 2015, to push for regulations requiring warnings be written on medical and recreational pot products and posted wherever they are sold, based on studies suggesting marijuana use may be linked with low birth weight, premature birth and behavior problems in young children. (AP Photo/Gosia Wozniacka, File)

ene in nature – neither in hemp, nor in roasted coffee beans. It is provided by a whole set of volatile hydrocarbons, which aromas separately are even unpleasant, but when mixed together, they give that deep, velvety and even mystical smell of coffee.

Here is a selection of coffee-scented cannabis varieties.

Blueberry Magic Blueberry

Dutch Passion’s Blueberry reg is a direct descendant of the legendary blueberry cannabis. This photoperiod version has risen to the top as uniquely aromatic and delicious, possessing a luxurious bouquet of juicy forest berry notes and well-roasted coffee. However, Blueberry reg. attracts not only by its taste, smell, and external beauty. It’s a find for connoisseurs of powerful Indica. By choosing these seeds, the grower can expect a deep, long Stone, but with a clear head.

Psychedelic Adventures

Sweet Seeds’ Psicodelicia fem cannabis variety is a real ticket to a cosmobile that will leave the familiar confines of the mind in a matter of seconds. At first Psicodelicia fem. seeds will make you happy with their germination rate, then with an intensive vegetation and the formation of puffy colas, and later with a good harvests for such a small plant (up to 80 cm high). But the most interesting thing is what this variety has saved for dessert. It is a nobly rich bouquet of sour invigorating flavor and woody coffee aroma with an explosively powerful High effect.

The enveloping sweetness of Red Poison’s coffee captivity

Sweet Seeds high THC Red Poison Auto fem cannabis will give the grower a powerful, relaxing Stone that ripples through their body for hours on end, leaving them feeling refreshed and rested. These are strong beautiful femkes with excellent germination and a lush, impetuous vega. The Red Poison Auto fem. variety also doesn’t skimp on yields, not even being finicky to care for. It already starts to bloom and encourages the grower with its mystically enticing aroma of strong oriental coffee and exquisite sweets.

Beyond the possibilities

Not everybody gets the chance to try this unique limited edition cannabis. The Dutch Seedbank Barney`s Farm made an experiment and reached an unbelievable result – they got a marijuana plant Peyote Critical fem – a plant which resists all difficulties. Peyote Critical fem., which is available in limited quantities, is a versatile soldier who can take a long, indie Stone knockout in one breath. Peyote Critical fem. cannabis seeds are ready to grow even in cold conditions, and forgive over- and under-fertilization.

Balance in all things and medical precision

Hemp Medical VIP fem (VIP Seeds) is an option for those who want to fully enjoy all the facets of marijuana: a complex medical effect (a slight, analgesic, stimulating brain activity, as well as a mild effect on the body), the absence of unpleasant consequences, unpretentious care. The variety Medical VIP fem. at the flowering stage intrigues with a minty-citrus aroma with strong coffee notes. Medical VIP fem. seeds will help you to look at cannabis from a different angle as well as at everything around you.

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