Feminized Hemp Seeds

The term feminized seeds can often be seen on forums and sites devoted to the products of seed banks. But not everyone knows what exactly is behind this term, what are the features and properties of these seeds and how they differ from regular varieties. Let us try to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.

Feminized seeds are the seeds from which sinsemilla (female, non-pollinated cannabis plants) can be grown.

Feminized cannabis has its own particular characteristics which make it a valuable resource for cannabis enthusiasts. Under normal growing conditions, the THC content of a plant increases slowly and reaches its highest level during the pollination period, after which it also slowly goes down. But if you don’t let the plant be pollinated, instead of having fallen flowers, it produces false fruits in the form of green resinous buds with the highest THC levels of any of the varieties. The feminized plants are distinguished by a large number of such false fruits and by the fact that the fruits themselves are larger than those of fertilized cannabis.

Feminized cannabis has many advantages

Because feminized seeds are so homogeneous you can have a really good homogeneity. This means you will get the same yield from every single plant with the same characteristics and effects. High quality of the harvest: flavor, strength, aroma. According to these indicators, feminized seeds are far superior to clones or conventional seeds. Plants obtained from feminized cannabis seeds have a greater resistance to parasites, pests, mold.

Peculiarities of cultivation from feminized seeds
Under ideal conditions, which even a novice grower can create, feminized hybrids will produce exclusively female plants.

The most important task of the grower is to rid the plant of stress factors, which can be manifested by insufficient light, improper branch pruning, over- or under-fertilization. By being exposed to stress factors, feminized plants will provoke more male plants and hermaphrodites. An important feature of feminized hybrids that is considered a disadvantage among growers is the production of many more hermaphrodites under stress than under the same factors in the case of conventional seeds.

Here is a list of factors that will greatly increase the probability of producing exactly female plants:

Application of mineral fertilizers with large amounts of nitrogen.
Maintaining optimum humidity parameters (humidity should be high enough, but it is important not to allow overwatering in order to protect the plant from the appearance of mold).
Maintaining a low temperature regime without overheating the plants.
Setting the optimal photoperiod, which should not exceed 12 hours.
Apply lighting in the blue range of the spectrum.
It is important that the influence of the above factors is carried out in the period when the plant has 3 pairs of leaves. Experienced growers recommend adhering to the introduced changes for 2-3 weeks, after which you should return to standard conditions.

There are also feminized autoflowering varieties, which are feminized seeds that contain the autoflowering gene (taken from ruderalis, the weed hemp). The peculiarity of feminized autoflowering marijuana varieties is that they bloom without pollination, automatically – after reaching a certain growth stage. Although they’re easier to grow, they have a slightly lower yield than non-feminized strains.

Both experienced and novice growers want to buy feminized cannabis seeds nowadays because by maintaining uncomplicated conditions during the growing period they are able to eliminate hermaphrodites and therefore increase yields and quality.

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