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“From a good root is good and branch” – folk wisdom cannot lie. Most growers don’t place much value on the value of the hemp root. They care about soil acidity levels, irrigation frequency, soil type and other agronomic wisdom, but as soon as it’s time to harvester, the root is uprooted from the ground with unprecedented ferocity. But cannabis roots have served man for thousands of years as a medical remedy, and this is understandable.

Pure botany.

The root is the axial organ that is needed to anchor the plant in the soil and absorb water and minerals from it. The cannabis root system is rod-shaped, which means it doesn’t spread out very much on its sides, preferring to grow deep. In the open ground it goes down to 1-1.5 m.

How to strengthen cannabis roots: a healthy root is a healthy spirit

Oxygen nutrition – simply loosening the soil;
Mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. It is applied at the same time as planting the seed;
Heat conditions at 15-18⁰ at night. It is at night the plant gets a feeding frenzy, and it absorbs particularly active nutrients from the soil;
Not too tight a pot.

Marijuana root in medicine

The first written evidence of the use of marijuana root for medicinal purposes dates back to about 3,000 B.C. Chinese healers used to grind the root into powdered form to make an ointment based on it to relieve pain and speed up the repair of damaged tissues.

The ancient Romans put a pulp of crushed cannabis root on burns and used the decoction to make a painkiller. This helped warriors in their treatment literally in the field.

English and American healers of recent centuries advised the use of extracts from the roots of the plant as an anti-inflammatory and joint pain reliever.

Cannabinoids in Cannabis Root

Of course, the renowned THC and CBD, which are found in varying but nonetheless weighty proportions in the top part of the plant, could not escape the cannabis root. Nevertheless, their content is so negligible that this figure can be neglected. Cannabidiol acid, a powerful antibiotic, is a hundred times less present in the roots than in the leaves. This makes it controversial to claim that cannabis root is medically useful.

The terpenes in cannabis root

Okay, everything is silent with cannabinoids, but in fact in addition to them there are other chemical components. For example, ethanol extracts of marijuana root extracts have been found to contain:

Friedelin and triterpene ketone, which have antioxidant and even anti-cancer effects, boosting immunity;
Choline, which keeps the body’s cells toned;
Atropine, which has a positive effect on the eye muscle.
Cannabis Root Balm

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