Indica or Sativa?

The cannabis market offers a large number of hybrids and varieties of cannabis that come from the two main cannabis strains, Indica and Sativa. When choosing which strain to grow, growers in Canada look at things like speed of ripening, growth, production, flavor and more. That is, the parameters that distinguish the two large groups of cannabis plants – Indica or Sativa dominated – from each other.

Specifics of Indica and Sativa plant development
Indica-dominant cannabis is characterized by its compact structure, short stature and large, dense foliage with an intense dark green tint. Indica cannabis originated from the region of Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nepal. The growing conditions in this area, with its early cool autumns and hot summers, fo

rced the plants to adapt and become more hardy in order to allow their seeds to mature.

Indica is characterized

by a short growing season and fast flowering, and it reacts to changes in the photoperiod, since the speed at which it changes phases affects the preservation of the crop. It is as if these p

lants are in a hurry to grow, bloom and ripen. The whole structure of the bush contributes to this.

Features of Indica plant development:
Strong and sturdy stem;
Shallow growth, the main size of the bush is formed during the vegetative stage and the plant is only slightly stretched out “on flower”;
Strong central bark, the shape of the plant resembles a Christmas tree;
Dense and compact cones;
Resistant to low temperatures;
Stress tolerance and vitality;
Fast flowering and ripening.
Sativa-dominant varieties look different. Elegant and slender bushes that measure several meters in height, Sativa traces its genetic history back to equatorial territories like Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico and Cambodia. Local climatic conditions have “trained” Sativa to grow and bloom continuously for a year or longer.

Externally, these plants are distinguished by their thin leaves with a lighter shade, lush buds and refined bush structure. During the blooming season, Sativa often needs extra support for its branches, which struggle to hold the weight of the inflorescences.

Features of Sativa development:
High growth;
Ability to continue to build green mass during flowering;
Slow vegetative growth and a long flowering period (Sativa is considered less dependent on the number of daylight hours and starts flowering as soon as it reaches proper maturity);
Intolerant to temperature fluctuations, prone to stress;
Possesses a bright and intense odor;
Huge yields.

When choosing between these varieties of cannabis, growers in Canada are based on what growing conditions they can offer the plant. If it’s a small grow box, plant there Indica; some of its varieties, 30-40cm tall, have been bred specifically for indoor grows. If a high greenhouse or open greenhouse in a warm climate is available, choose Sativa, which can reach a height of six meters or more.

Different genotype – different impact
But all of these differences and growth characteristics are often irrelevant to growers. After all, plants are chosen primarily on the basis of their psychoactivity and the quality of the effect they produce. And in this respect, Indica and Sativa are very different from each other.

Indica acts mostly on the body, causing physical relaxation and muscle relaxation. The famous stone effect is an incredible sensation of petrification or bodily paralysis. You will feel immobile, as if pinned to a couch and unable to move.

Peculiar Effects of Indica:

Calming and relaxing effects;
Analgesic properties;
May cause drowsiness, used as a sleeping pill;
Aggravates sensations from all senses, making you feel thinner and hear more.
Sativa marijuana, on the other hand, affects the brain more, and the bodily effects may be completely absent. The effects of Sativa are often referred to as high-effects, referring to a euphoric mood, a feeling of flight and boundless happiness.

The effects of Sativa:

Invigorating, energizing, and empowering;
It inspires creativity and self-expression;
It is suitable for daily use and allows for active relaxation;
Helps eliminate depression and improves mood.
Pure Indica and Sativa are not commonly found today. Most of the varieties on the market are Indica-sativa hybrids, combining the qualities of both cannabis species. We will highlight a few varieties that are known and successful among growers.

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